Meet KATHERINE – Our Summer Creative

My name is Katherine Valliant and I am a Junior at Furman University.  I am a double major in communications studies and politics and international affairs. I am also a member of the student-run musical theater organization on campus!  I am so excited to be interning at The Rutherford this summer.  I love planning events especially weddings.  While I’m working for The Rutherford I hope to learn more about how event planning works, how to run a social media platform for a small business, and how to network with other professionals working in my field.  I can’t wait to see what lies in store for me in this internship!

In my free time I love to sing, dance, hang out with my friends, and watch Netflix. My favorite show that I am binging right now is probably The Crown, and my favorite show that I always re-watch when I’m bored would be The Office. I love musical theater, and my favorite musicals currently are Hamilton and Cabaret.

My favorite book series of all time is Harry Potter. Fun fact: I was the Harry Potter Trivia champion in my high school for two years in a row.  I’m so excited for this summer and I can’t wait to share more of myself with you through blog posts!

– Katherine

Hello from The Rutherford! Meet our Spring intern!

We are so excited to introduce our spring intern who has been working with us this semester – Kaeli Czosek! Kaeli is currently a senior at Furman University getting ready to graduate and typically spends her free time doing an outdoor activity or reading a good book! Here’s a little tidbit from her, sharing about her wonderful experience with the Rutherford so far:


“Hey guys! I am so thrilled to be interning with the Rutherford this semester and to be a part of all the incredible events here! I began my time with the Rutherford like no other, by actually attending an event here before I started working, which allowed me to witness and enjoy the other side of an event before I began interning! I continued the excitement by starting my internship off with a bang as I got to be a part of Greenville Fashion Week. I love learning about all the behind the scenes work and being able to help out with so many different amazing events! I am ecstatic to be able to share some fun, new ideas with you guys about all the different happenings throughout the bridal world currently! Feel free to reach out and let me know if there is anything you want to learn more about and I will share some tips or ideas!

Say HI to Kaeli!

A Look Back At The Past Year

It’s hard to believe The Rutherford has officially been open for a year now.  This year has flown by and the journey is really only just beginning.  Taking a step back and spending some time to reflect on the challenges and successes, one word continues to come to mind: Community.

Some people know that I spent 3+ years as a Public Defender before changing my path to owning my own business.  I first spent my time protecting and working for the community, and now my focus is bringing the community together.  We didn’t just invest in a run down building on Rutherford Rd.  We invested in preserving the buildings history and in creating a space that allows people to come together and celebrate.


Being an entrepreneur is tough.  It means making hard decisions (that sometimes might not be the right ones).  It means a lot of work. A lot of late nights and a lot of stressful days.  But it also has brought a ton of joy into my life.  Owning this venue has allowed me to host my own family events, including my son’s first birthday party.  It has introduced me to the booming community of entrepreneurs and the people who are working to develop Greenville and better our home.  It has allowed me to watch the beginning of so many love stories, which reminds me to never take for granted the love and support my husband continually shows me.  But I think the biggest joy of all is knowing that this is only the beginning.  There are more events to host, more memories to be made, and an even stronger community to build.



Introducing Mary Helen


We’d like to welcome our latest member to the summer team, Mary Helen Ezell. Mary Helen is a Greenville native and a senior at Clemson University. When she’s not working one of the beautiful events at The Rutherford, she’s finishing her Bachelor’s in Production Studies in Performing Arts. Mary Helen has worked in Greenville’s theatre scene for five years, you may have seen some of her previous productions at The Warehouse Theatre where she worked as an Assistant Stage Manager. Mary Helen will be working as the right hand of our owner, Yasha, making sure your Rutherford event is seamless. Be sure to follow her on our Instagram and Facebook for summer updates at The Rutherford!