Cue the tears…what song are you walking down to?

Getting ready to walk down the aisle, but unsure which song you want playing in that crucial moment? Most brides struggle to determine their wedding processional song, because they want it to be personal and moving – which we love! It can be hard sometimes to get ideas beyond “Here comes the bride” though, especially after having to choose a first dance song and all the other music throughout the reception. If you are struggling to come up with processional tunes, or you just want a list to give you ideas of where to start, we believe this list gives great suggestions for brides to look at!

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How to make your wedding more eco-friendly.

Want to send a little extra love to mother earth – especially on your big day?? We believe it is totally feasible to be environmentally conscious WITHOUT sacrificing your wedding dreams! It might require a tiny bit more effort, but there are plenty of simple strategies to keeping your wedding eco-friendly! From your reception send-off plan to the yummy food you serve – there are numerous areas you can switch plans up a bit to make more sustainable choices! Looking for easy suggestions to give a lil extra love to our earth? We suggest hitting up this blog for ways to protect nature while still achieving the wedding you desire:

Who are you inviting to your wedding?

Getting ready to send out your wedding invites, but unsure about which information is necessary? Deciding what to put on your wedding invites can get overwhelming, especially when you are busy planning every other aspect of your big day! We suggest simplifying your wedding invites and reply cards by only putting pertinent information. This article by Style My Pretty gives great suggestions for what you should and shouldn’t put on each aspect of your wedding invites so you no longer have to fret!

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Hello from The Rutherford! Meet our Spring intern!

We are so excited to introduce our spring intern who has been working with us this semester – Kaeli Czosek! Kaeli is currently a senior at Furman University getting ready to graduate and typically spends her free time doing an outdoor activity or reading a good book! Here’s a little tidbit from her, sharing about her wonderful experience with the Rutherford so far:


“Hey guys! I am so thrilled to be interning with the Rutherford this semester and to be a part of all the incredible events here! I began my time with the Rutherford like no other, by actually attending an event here before I started working, which allowed me to witness and enjoy the other side of an event before I began interning! I continued the excitement by starting my internship off with a bang as I got to be a part of Greenville Fashion Week. I love learning about all the behind the scenes work and being able to help out with so many different amazing events! I am ecstatic to be able to share some fun, new ideas with you guys about all the different happenings throughout the bridal world currently! Feel free to reach out and let me know if there is anything you want to learn more about and I will share some tips or ideas!

Say HI to Kaeli!

It’s all about the details!

While some brides know every detail and aspect they want for their wedding, sometimes it is hard to know what you want your decor to look like, especially when you are starting with a blank slate! It can be overwhelming when you are expected to coordinate every detail of your wedding decor. You should be able to decorate for your wedding the way you want, without getting stressed! Assuming you already have your personal style preferences, all you need is a guiding list to follow that gives you a better idea of each item you might want at different parts of the wedding. We recommend using this list to guide your decorating plans for your ceremony and reception!


When is the best or worst time to take your wedding day photos?!

We L O V E looking at wedding photos, especially when they have beautiful outdoor backgrounds and natural lighting that really showcase the couple and the wedding gown. It is natural for brides to be nervous taking their photos! When is the best time of day to take them? Where should they take their photos? Indoors or outdoors? What if it rains? What if it’s too hot or cold? There are a lot of scary thoughts when it comes to taking your wedding photos, especially with unknown weather, so don’t worry if any of these questions have come to mind! We personally are big fans of photos during golden hour and sunset! However, there is plenty of solid advice that photographers can provide on the best lighting and environment to achieve your ideal photos, depending on when and where your wedding is. We enjoyed reading this article about recommendations for the ideal time and way to get the beautiful wedding photos you deserve and desire! Read more on here!

outdoor wedding venue
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We are loving the pampass grass craze!

We are in love with the new Pampass Grass trend for those looking into wedding decor ideas!! It offers such a unique twist to your wedding and the material can be integrated in a multitude of different ways depending on your stylistic preferences! We love the atmosphere it creates and how something so simple can be developed into something fancier! If you want to spice up your wedding and add a fun new vibe, we definitely recommend trying out pampass grass! If you are interested, here’s a great article we found that shows off all the different ways you could incorporate pampass grass into your big day.



Have you posted your engagement selfie?

Tired of the same old engagement selfie? So are we! Instead, we would love to see people incorporate their own personal touches and aim to be as creative as possible in taking pictures of their engagement ring and sharing their big news. There’s so many distinct ways to set yourself apart from the norm and show off your bling in fun new way! If you are looking for some unique ideas for sharing your big news, then we recommend checking out this article!

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