Building was built in the 1950s. The floors, ceilings, and walls are all original!

We have three distinct spaces: The Brick Room, The Warehouse, and The Courtyard.

Sure thing! Additional booking fees may apply.

Our pricing varies between the number of spaces, month, day, time block, and event layout. We are just the space and some. What that means is we provide you with the venue and tables/chairs/linens. Below you will find the introductory prices:

Monday-Thursday: $800 - $1,100
Friday: $1,400 - $2,600
Saturday: $3,600
Sunday: $1,500 - $2,200

We have 52 spots. If you need more, we can arrange for overflow parking. Additional fees will apply.

Yes and No. You can use our house system to play background music. Bands and DJs must bring their own speakers.

We don't require you to have a wedding planner, but we do require you to have a day of coordinator. A list of approved coordinators will be provided to you.

Absolutely. The Saturday rental period includes a 12-hr block of whatever events you have planned.

Yes. Additional booking fees will apply.

You event has to be wrapped up by 11:00 PM.

Outdoor music is prohibited.

Yes, we do!

Our pricing is as follows:
60” Rounds: $8.50
8’ Tables: $9.50
6’ Tables: $8.50
Cocktail Tables: $9.00
Fruitwood Garden Chairs: $3.50

Washrooms are located on each floor.

Anywhere your heart desires.

Almost any kind of event. Weddings, Galas, Birthdays, Corporate Seminars, Meetings, Celebrations… and more!

COI stands for Certificate of Insurance. It’s what we require from any and ALL vendors working your event at The Rutherford.

No. The alcohol must be served by a preferred vendor with an appropriate license and COI.

General Liability Insurance in the amounts of $1M per occurrence and $2M aggregate. Your COI must list Rutherford Events LLC as additionally insured. Alcohol vendors must have Liquor Liability Insurance on top of this.

Yes. We do have some specific requirements from catering companies but nothing crazy.

Yes, as long as they provide a COI and execute a vendor agreement with The Rutherford.

Yes. There is a prep kitchen on each floor.

A lot. If it’s not enough, we can find a solution.

Signs can’t be attached to the building or extend past our property.

Yes. If you need more, you can run extension cords from the Veranda.

The beginning of your rental period for loading in and by the end of your rental for loading out.

We have a designated smoking area near a pole. If we have to clean up cigarette butts, we will charge you.

Easy! Submit your contract, 50% of your balance, and your security deposit.