Selfies with Brides

One of the fun traditions the owner of the Rutherford, Yasha has, is taking selfies with every bride!

In general, Yasha is pretty much the selfie queen. So it’s no surprise that when the Rutherford opened two years ago, Yasha started a tradition of taking selfies with all of the brides.

During the Rutherford’s first wedding season, Kaycee Hines’ wedding kicked off the month of May. It was only natural that she and Kaycee took a photo together.

From there, it just took off as a must-do on our event checklist. If Yasha knows she can’t be at the actual wedding, she’ll take on with couples during a planning meeting the week before. 

We love to become a part of a couple’s story and see all the planning and fun they have on their wedding day, and think of these selfies as a way to reminisce on all the excitement from their event.

Cue the tears…what song are you walking down to?

Getting ready to walk down the aisle, but unsure which song you want playing in that crucial moment?

Most brides struggle to determine their wedding processional song, because they want it to be personal and moving – which we love! It can be hard sometimes to get ideas beyond “Here comes the bride” though, especially after having to choose a first dance song and all the other music throughout the reception. If you are struggling to come up with processional tunes, or you just want a list to give you ideas of where to start, we believe this list gives great suggestions for brides to look at!

Photography by Meredith Beck