2018’s Drool Worthy Food Trends

2 February 2018

Posted By admin

One of the best parts about weddings, besides celebrating love, is another four letter word… FOOD. We’ve put together some of the top 2018 drool worthy ideas for your reception. You know how people say to make sure your wedding planner saves a plate for you…? You’re going to want to write that down.

Taco’bout a Party

This is one of our personal favorites because you can build this theme out to not only include tacos, but bean dip in cups, a margarita bar, chips with guacamole and queso… Top it off with churros and some cute bags of spices your guests can take home as favors… Fiesta!

Char-CUTE-rie Boards

Did we spell that right? Doesn’t matter. Nothing compares to a good charcuterie board. A few pieces of this, a few pieces of that. If you’re going this route, we’d recommend getting some good wines and maybe offering pairing ideas! You really can’t go wrong with cheese, fruits, meats, nuts, veggies, and good breads.

A Twist on Comfort Food

We’ve all got one… Grandma’s famous mac’n’cheese, mashed potatoes, milk and cookies, grilled cheese and tomato soup. Are you day dreaming yet? Make them all into passed appetizers and watch your guest’s faces light up when the tray passes by!

The Rutherford Lawn would literally be perfect for any of these food options. Allow your family and friends to mix and mingle under the twinkle lights while they enjoy their food and the South Carolina weather.