4 Father of the Bride Responsibilities No One Talks About

19 June 2021

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Happy Father’s Day to all of our amazing dads and father figures!

We are endlessly grateful for the love, joy, and cheesy jokes that our fathers have brought into our lives. We all know that fathers do so much for us everyday, but have you ever wondered about a father’s role when their daughter gets married?  Because much of what fathers do for their daughter’s wedding is behind the scenes, many of us don’t know what they do. Here are some examples of the impact a father has on his daughter’s wedding day… 

  1. Preparing for a toast is hard work! Putting into words how much they love their daughters doesn’t come easily. Many of our loving fathers spend hours trying to find the right words to say to their newly-married daughters.
    Father Bride
    Photo by Leah Naomi Photography


  2. Giving their daughter away is never easy. Many fathers may put on a brave face, but we don’t know how hard it is to accept not being the #1 man in their daughter’s life anymore. And how will they say goodbye after they walk her down the aisle?
    Father and Bride
    Photography by Anna Grace


  3. Many brides do a first look with their fathers, which is always such a beautiful moment, and the reactions are so sweet! We often don’t think about how emotional this entire day is for a father. But their daughter is all grown up and independent, even though they may still see her as a little girl. 
    Fathers Day
    John Cureton Photography


  4. The father often ends up running last minute errands, shuttling people around, and even arranging a get-away car for the couple. Because they don’t have to spend as much time getting ready, fathers are usually free to help if something goes wrong on their daughter’s special day.
Bride Happy Fathers Day
Photography by Amanda Morgan


We hope this helps you appreciate your father a little more, especially on your wedding day. Don’t forget to give him some extra love today and thank him for everything he does!


Written by Emma Brandt