A Day at the Rutherford: Behind-the-Scenes

9 September 2019

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What’s it like to work at a Venue? 

Today we’re answering all your questions about what a day in the life is like at the Rutherford. As a small business, nothing is too big or small for someone to be tackling throughout the day. We’ve seen—and done—it all.

Each day is different depending on what events are happening that week or even that day!

In The Office

On a day without any events, most of the time is spent in the office answering emails, building out proposals, and communicating with clients on their upcoming events.

The Rutherford | Industrial Event Venue

We might be setting up mock displays for staging or giving tours of the space to couples interested in having their wedding at The Rutherford. Collaborating is always happening, and we love to talk through different ideas and events. 

The Rutherford | Industrial Event Space

Lunch is always a main event of the day, especially as we start to discuss possible options around 11 am daily (Pizza and sandwiches are always popular contenders). After that it’s back to work with most of our tours happening late afternoon.

During Events

When we have an event, it’s all hands on deck to make sure that everything flows smoothly. Once the time block begins, venue staff is here making sure that everything is coming together with all the vendors and communicating with the coordinator to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

The Rutherford | Behind the Scenes

During the event, we usually hang out in the office catching up on paperwork and emails, sneaking a peek at the event (check out our Instagram stories) and checking with coordinators to see how things are going. 

The Rutherford | Industrial Event Venue

After guests have left and vendors have cleaned up, we do a final walkthrough the venue to make sure everything is in its place and then turn the lights out and say goodnight!