A Unique Way to Eat (or Cater) on Your Wedding Day

20 June 2019

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“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

Making sure that you—and your guests—are well-fed on your wedding day is a top priority. Ask any caterer—food is always something people are willing to splurge on in order to elevate their event.

But what about those in-between moments or a-typical food requests?

Enter: Bite Squad

A service that brings your favorite food directly to you, Bite Squad can be used for more than just an in-office lunch delivery. It’s perfect for ordering lunch for a bridal party or even a favorite dish to serve during cocktail hour or a reception.

The Rutherford | Catering Your Next Event

Lunches and Such

For a bridal party lunch, delivery can be scheduled out in advance, so all you have to focus on is your big day. Chick-Fil-A, Sully’s Steamers, Caviar and Bananas, and Moe’s are all delivery options in Greenville (along with +100 other restaurants). With such a variety of offerings, you can make sure that there’s something for everyone to eat.

Food is priced as it would be in the restaurant and you simply pay an added delivery fee. (most restaurants charge around $3-5 for delivery).

The Main Event

If you’re looking to have food catered to your event (we recently had a bride feature Hooter’s wings as part of her dinner offerings), Bite Squad features a catering option. You pick your date, time, and the number of people, and they make sure that your food is delivered and ready to go when you want it!

The Rutherford | Catering Your Next Event

Restaurants that cater featuring their catering menus online, and there are over 25 options in the Greenville area to help feed a larger number of people at your event. Delivery fees for catering range from $5-15, depending on the restaurant.

Make sure that you—and your friends—are well-fed the whole day by planning your food ahead (or ordering whatever you’re craving in the moment). Whatever your style, you can stay put and enjoy the day while Bite Squad takes care of the logistics of lunch.

– AR