Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cake

17 September 2019

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Nothing says a wedding like a tradition cake exchange between the two love birds. But sometimes it’s fun to mix it up and try something else of the sweet variety. Or maybe y’all are just not big cake fans.

Whatever the reason, we’re rounding up some of our favorite alternatives to the traditional wedding cake

1. Donut Wall

One of the biggest trends in wedding desserts right now is the donut wall. Use it as an accent to the main cake or treat it as the main event! What’s even more fun? There are so many play-on-word options you can use with donuts!

The Rutherford | Alternative Wedding Cakes

A “Hole” Lotta Love

Donut You Want One?

Donut Know What I’d Do Without You

Doughnut Leave Without Dessert

2. Cupcakes

Everyone loves miniature versions of the real thing, so why not serve mini cake aka cupcakes! With cupcakes, you can have multiple flavors to appease both bride and groom. Bonus points for arranging them to look like a real cake.

The Rutherford | Alternative Wedding Cakes
Meredith Beck Photography

3. Ice Cream

 Ice cream conveys a nostalgic memory so what better way to throw back to your formative years than an old-fashioned ice cream bar? Have an ice cream truck (our courtyard is perfect for this) come and serve your guest or DIY your own ice cream bar!

*via Style Caster

4. Pie

Are you having a fall-themed wedding? Try a pumpkin pie or apple pie as the main dessert! We love seeing this used in outdoor weddings, especially when served on our farmhouse tables.

The Rutherford | Alternative Wedding Cakes

You’ll be sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth!