Celebrating The Rutherford’s 4th Birthday

14 July 2021

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Photo by Kylie Marie Photography

Wow… We still can’t believe The Rutherford is four years old! Even recovering from the pandemic, we’re having so much fun as wedding season picks up again! From rescheduled and postponed weddings to everyone who is tired of staying in, we are thrilled to have a full schedule again. Adjusting for COVID has been such a valuable experience, and we’re so grateful for all the new skills and knowledge we have accumulated through these difficult times. Over the past few years, we have grown through our internship program, new staff, and learning new details from every wedding. 

Wedding Venue

Working with such amazing couples has definitely been our favorite part of working at The Rutherford. We love thinking creatively with them and then seeing everything come together so beautifully! From here, we are excited to continue growing and learning how to make everyone’s experiences even more amazing. 

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of The Rutherford’s life! And to everyone else… We can’t wait to meet you.



The Rutherford Team


Written by Emma Brandt