How To: Postpone Your Wedding

25 March 2020

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To our Rutherford brides (and all the other brides out there!),

This week has been challenging, full of uncertainty and ever-changing rules and regulations. We’re right there with you in this time of uncertainty and confusion.

But the wedding industry is also always full of hope. We believe in making miracles happen, and while that miracle might not be having your wedding as planned, we’re still here to help you navigate postponing your dream day.

The Rutherford | Industrial Wedding

All of your family and vendors and everyone else important for your wedding is here for you. The love that you and your significant other have for each other is still there and we want to celebrate that love with you as soon as it’s safe to!

Since the wedding timeline you found on Pinterest about a year ago is no longer relevant (*insert winky face*), here’s a new game plan to pick your new wedding date + make sure the rest of the stars align.

Our Tips

  1. Loop in your important people on what’s happening to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Parents, sisters, other important friends—lean on them for support and help through this!


  1. Get in touch with your venue (us!) to discuss 3-5 dates that might still be open. Be sure to ask about any increases / decreases in pricing!


  1. Reach out to your vendors with those dates and find out their cancelation policies as well as how soon they require cancelation notion. We recommend calling for a quicker answer!


  1. Wine! Chocolate! Walk your dog! Whatever you need to get through this!


  1. Create a spreadsheet, Google Doc, plan on a notepad of which vendors are available on what dates and their fees. Compare / mix-and-match to decide what works best for you.


Need to reschedule your wedding date? Give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help you find a new date!

In the meantime, keep searching Pinterest for ideas because your wedding is going to be full of love and happiness when it does happen—and people are going to be more than ready to celebrate.

xx The Rutherford Team