Seasonal Wedding Color Schemes

Fall – Rust, Sage, Cream, and Gold

Photo by Danielle Dziedzic Photography

For a fall wedding, rusty red and sage green are the perfect colors to create that autumn leaf feel. Adding gold accents enhances this fall color scheme, making it feel like you’re in a fall wonderland! 

Winter – Forest Green, Maroon, Silver, and White

Photo by Becca Grimm Photography

If you’re getting married in the winter, cooler colors are definitely the way to go. Using a pure white instead of ivory will look amazing with silver. Cooler shades of maroon and green will match perfectly, especially if there’s snow in the background!

Spring – Peach, Rose Gold, Cream, Yellow

Photo by Ag Photography

When we think of spring, we think of soft, warm colors. Pairing a peachy orange with cream and warm yellow accents creates such a colorful feel, without being too bright. Rose gold will compliment these colors beautifully! 

Summer – Sage, Purple, Ivory, and Salmon

Photo by Kylie Marie Photography

For a summer wedding, adding a bright colors to shades of green creates such a playful, natural feel. Salmon is such a warm, summery color! And ivory would bring out the warm tones of the other colors.


Written by Emma Brandt

Ten Tips for a Perfect Summer Wedding

Thinking of getting married in the summer?? Here are some tips that could save you from a heat disaster! 

  1. Dress for the weather! Make sure you and your wedding party aren’t wearing anything too hot if you’re going to be outside!
  2. Take photos early! This way you won’t be stuck outside during the hottest part of the day.
  3. Wear sunscreen under your makeup! If you’re taking photos outside, you don’t want to get burned before you have to walk down the aisle

    Photo by Katie Wilson
  4. Make sure there’s space in the shade so your guests don’t get too hot… or burned!
  5. Start planning early and be flexible! Summer weddings are high in demand, so make sure you’re thinking ahead.
  6. Choose a venue with both indoor and outdoor space (like The Rutherford!). This way, you can enjoy the sunshine without getting too hot. 
  7. Keep the weather in mind when choosing your food. No one wants to eat hot soup in the summer heat!
  8. Plan your makeup accordingly! Avoid liquid makeup that might melt off in the sun. EVERYTHING should be waterproof!!

    Photo by Lanterns and Feathers Photography
  9. Don’t forget about fans. If your ceremony is outside, try to get some strong fans to blow on your guests!
  10. Stay hydrated!! Drink water all day, especially if you’re outside a lot. This will help to save your energy and even to cool down!

Hope this helps you to plan your summer wedding! You can never be too prepared! 


Written by Emma Brandt